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Fitch Ratings has published an analysis of Big Pharma's drug development activity since the beginning of the year and 22 new late-stage programs were added to their pipelines, mostly from in-licensing and acquisition.
And i also agree with your arguments.
than x for invent this website for viewers and users.

pharma reviews

I agree whole-heartedly with Mike Wokasch's comments on industry views of Merck's CEO Ken Frazer staying the course with R&D spending. I do think it is consistent with Merck's mission to remain a leading supplier of innovative medicines that are clinically effective and differentiated -- and that can prove their value. See post from Pharma Reform blog. Let the view from the cheap seats from analysts who are interested in short-term financial results be damned. AMEN.

Pharma Reviews

One big caution though -- auto makers haven't historically always been able to recoup their costs of capital -- not exactly a ringing endorsement for someone who wants to compete in pharma industry with dwindling capital markets to support it. Auto makers may have the most to teach in manufacturing and reducing costs there.

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