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Bernard Munos argues in Fierce Biotech article (via Forbes' Matt Herper) that big pharma R&D needs to be radically revamped to regain productivity of past


More commentary on the LaMattina piece from Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline blog

Terry McCormick

This meta-analysis I did earlier this year can be a good complement to John Lamattina's discussion. No clear answers, but maybe some visual signals as to the effects of mergers. http://www.randdreturns.com/in-progress-nmes-vs-mergers/

The effects of mergers has been topical for a looong time. Twenty years ago, the financial professors at Wharton were explaining that many became distractions from the core business (R&D?) and were often "smokescreens to fool stockholders" around a slumping business. I have lived and seen the distractions and effects on Pharma R&D first hand in at least six firms, both as a scientist and as an advisor. Key learning is to keep FOCUSED on what creates and sustains value to the business - and not just short-term.

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