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Here is another testimonial of sorts to Roche current leadership status from Fierce Biotech.


Luke Timmerman reports in Xconomy describes Herceptin's (trastuzumab) pathway to success.


To pick up on the personalized medicine theme a bit more, the Forbes blog did nice piece yesterday on how full (or partial) personalized genome sequencing is getting closer. The piece noted that costs of sequenicng are dropping even faster than Moore's law would predict. This type of accessibility of an individual's genetic make up would be expected to be a boon to personalized medicine.


nice post. I think the personalized medicine field is much broader than anyone including Roche believes. I am a part of a start up (www.dyenmobiosystems.com) that hopes to expand the drug design/companion diagnostic field to larger sectors of biotech and pharma than simply oncology. We have already had success in many oncological studies including breast cancer, prostate cancer, retinoblastoma and osteosarcoma. On the horizon we are looking at developing our technology for prediction of pre-term labour and other non-oncology conditions.

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