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remedios caseros para adelgazar

When something goes bad, everything else go bad too!


According to Fierce Biotech's John Carroll, Ralph Whitworth hammered out an accord with Icahn to save Termeer for now & place a couple of Icahn members on board.


Well, it looks like Termeer has made out better than Paul Newman in his duel with Tom Hanks (Icahn). Reports on Board deal struck on Eve of Shareholder vote.
Xconomy http://bit.ly/aKCn6l
WSJ Health blog http://bit.ly/azJBYK


More from the Boston Globe on Icahn's desire to change CEOs (ie. change Termeer).


If Mr. Icahn gets his way, one would have to bet Yes. The Road is rapidly approaching for Termeer.


Genzymes 1st Qtr and rest of year estimates as well as 2011 estimates reflect their manufacturing difficulties.


Seagoat - I hope for your sake, and others in your circumstance, that they do get the ship righted and the life-saving drugs out to the patients who need them.


What Termeer might want to do if he has any bit of conscience in him: abandon this butt-kissing tour of Richie Riches, and instead focus ALL of his attention on getting the maximum amount of safe drug to the people who rely on it to stay alive. These executives are really cut from a special cloth, always looking out for #1. Sickening. I haven't had a full dose since August.

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