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Well Jeffry - first I'd note that the CRL and Wuxi deal fell apart and did not close. But, nevertheless the trend towrd more clinical work beign done in Asia due to cost savings is real. Yes, one does need to be concerned about the quality of the work. Due diligence does need to be exercised in selecting vendors to do trial work and to ensure appropriate quality standards are met. You can't really "dump quality" to save a few bucks on the trials. I'm hopeful that regulators worldwide will collaborate to ensure that is not the case. But diligence is ultimately required by company purchasng the trial services.

Jeffry John Aufderheide

I appreciate your perspective on this topic. I was wondering, though, are you concerned with the quality and safety of the materials coming out of China? If the toy industry is any indication of the level of "safety", I think we all should be having second thoughts about cutting costs in any endeavor at the sacrifice of the quality.

Bruce Lehr

And while this post is about growth in CRO competition in China, I would like to remind readers that India is equally as active if not more so. Today (April 29th) Alvogen announced the establishement of a new CRO in India as reported in PBR.

Bruce Lehr

Fierce Biotech reports this morning that even though a couple new big CRO options now exist in China, Novartis intends to keep R&D in-house there.

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