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More from Fierce Biotech on recent disappointing Bydureon results when compared to generic metformin. Amylin stock price drops.


The forbes blog reported today (June 15th) that Amylin announced results from a clinical trial where it beat most of its fancy biotech competitor drugs but failed to best a cheap generic called metformin.

Bruce Lehr

Pharmaceutical Business Review provides a further report on Roche's taspoglutide hitting on all cylinders in latest trial report.

Bruce Lehr

As mentioned at the tail end of the post, Roche is marching relentlessly closer to approval with its taspoglutide. Here is the latest from Fierce Biotech on Roche progress.

Bruce Lehr

Novo Nordisk reported results comparing its once-daily Victoza (its GLP-1 analog)versus Merck's DPP-4 inhibitor Januvia,http://bit.ly/cyImBV

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