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Bruce Lehr

Fai - good post. You may be interested in checking out a discussion being held on LinkedIn in the group Lifesciences Opportunities in US. The post was created by Mark McBride on Jan 29th and has to do with R&D pipelines, http://bit.ly/a1jGD0.
Not everything in discussion thread is germane to comments you made above, but you might want to read comments by Thomas Wilckens. He supports concept of open innovation too and runs group called Symbiotic Innovation. His website www.innventis.com.


The traditional paradigm of innovation that the R&D department are required to control and generate their own ideas are really not efficient and benifital to the organization. Open innovation in which firms use external and internal ideas to advance their technology are the new trend in R&D. The idea is to use the outside knowledge and expertise (see nine sigma website) to benefit the organization. An organization cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research. Instead they should look into using interllectual property from other companies. More improtantly, organization should take out the internal inventions that doesn’t fit the organization’s stratgic plan for profit (maybe through licensing, joint ventures, spin-offs etc.).

The book OPEN Innovation by Henry Chesbrough give more insight on how R&D in organizations can use this model to better their innovation.

Big Pharma are transiting into “Banks” that finance small biotech/pharma for their ideas, but they did very little about selling their ideas or knowledge’s (something will be very beneficial for their suppliers). R&D scientists can no longer be just LABRATs that solely pumping out ideas. They need to develop a set of skills that enable them to understand market demand; technology trend; and technology true value, a skill of value innovation, not technological innovation. Sooner or later, the wall between business development and R&D will collapse and the two will merge.

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